Shipping Guidelines

– Boxes should be labeled correctly. Please write your name, address, and purchase order number.
– If a shipment weighs more than 50 pounds, we recommend that it be split into several boxes to avoid damage in transit. Parts should be wrapped and packed in a manner that prevents damage during shipment.
– Shipper assumes responsibility for any damage incurred during shipment.
– When the shipment arrives and if this has suffered severe damage a member of our staff will contact you to arrange an action you want to to be taken.

Crates & Pallets

If you are sending a shipment in crates or pallets:

1. You arrange for the shipment to our facility using the carrier of your choice.

2. Emeth Diesel Core arranges the pick up of your shipment at your location using our established freight network.

– Shipment in pallets: Please make sure the pieces don’t fall through the spaces.
– Shipment in crates: Please make sure it can be picked up with a forklift. If your crate does not have forklift holes at the bottom, you can always put it on a pallet, and secure it to the pallet.

3. Packing: Pack it, but keep it dense. Heavy parts toward the bottom, lighter ones toward the top to avoid damage.

4. Make sure the top of your shipment is covered and secured.

5. Strap your shipment and make sure that your material it’s secured to the pallet.

6. Take pictures of your units that wat you will have records in case of a claim with the shipment company.

Please let us know when you send your shipment when this arrives, we will check if there is any damage on the shipment. We reserved the right to reject a shipment this has excessive damage.

**Payment is based on agreed terms of purchase.


By using Emeth Diesel Core services, you agree that the parts you are selling are from your property and have been obtained in a legal way.

Emeth Diesel Core does not purchase stolen parts. We will cooperate with law authorities regarding properties purchased and/or sold through Emeth Diesel Core.